Public Mainnet is Live

3 min readMar 6, 2024


Hi Scatters, the team is excited to release the public mainnet beta today.

First, the team wants to express our appreciation for the early supporters during the pre-mainnet phase. During the pre-mainnet phase, Scattering website recorded a peak UV of 6.3K on Feb 21st, with a total TVL of around $1M and a total trading volume of $12.5M.

Now we enter the public mainnet beta stage of Scattering.

Key New Features

In the beta version, you will see the following features:

Liquidity Module Re-organization

The page is reorganized to make it clearer for users to view all the pools with different APYs. There will be an “I want to incentivize a pool” module, which will be updated very soon. With this feature, everyone, whether the 404 collection creators or community members, could incentivize liquidity for a pool without any permissions. The team is already testing it, and we hope to bring it online in a few days.

NFT Marketplace Upgrade

From now on, Scattering’s NFT marketplace will be positioned as an aggregator for 404 NFTs. This means that Scattering will aggregate the listings of 404 collections from OpenSea, Blur, and other marketplaces. In the beta version, you could view all the 404 NFTs metadata, list/transfer your items, and buy the items from the marketplace. In the coming days, the team will support bidding and aggregation from third-party marketplaces.

Instant Sell for Common 404 NFTs

We want to introduce an important new feature that is dedicated to the 404 natives: instant sell for your specific 404 NFT items.

In the 404 mechanism, your rare NFTs could be randomly burned if you sell your 404 tokens through Uniswap. In order to avoid the rare ones being randomly sold, you have to transfer your rare NFTs to another address.

But on Scattering, you could directly choose which common NFTs you want to sell through the following route:

  • Transfer your 404 nft to Scattering contract address
  • Scattering contract will sell your nft through Uniswap to get ETH tokens
  • Scattering contract transfers ETH tokens to your address

Zero Commission for trading and collecting

In the beta version, there will be zero fees for 404 collections charged from Scattering mainnet beta version.

It means:

1)When you trade 404 tokens through Scattering, there are zero fees charged by Scattering. You will only be charged with the swap fee of Uniswap and gas fee.

2)When you sell or buy 404 NFTs through the Scattering’s NFT marketplace, there are zero commission fees charged. The only fee you need to pay is the gas fee.

What’s Next

Scattering’s vision is to become the one-stop marketplace for fungible NFTs. Therefore, we have the following plans to implement in the future, but please note that they may be subject to adjust according to the changing circumstances:

Multi-chain expansion including the Ethereum mainnet and other EVM chains.

Continuously optimizing the UI/UX of the trading module and NFT marketplace aggregator.

404 Wrapper for 721 NFTs and Bitcoin ordinals.

Launchpad for fungible NFTs.

404 Factory for NFT creators.

404 Staking.


Fungible NFTs are inevitable, and Scattering is prepared for this massive trend.