Scattering ERC404 Market

3 min readFeb 9, 2024


Hi Scatters, today, we are excited to officially launch the first ERC404 Market on Scattering’s Pre-mainnet.

Crystal will be the first ERC404 token listed, with more ERC404 tokens on Arbitrum and Ethereum Mainnet to follow.

Key Highlights:

  1. Crystal Liquidity Providers can earn $SCR points with a 3x multiplier until the end of February.
  2. Scatters can now trade and add liquidity for Crystals. On the NFT trading side, the market currently supports viewing Crystal NFTs in your wallet only. Additional functions, including instant sale of NFTs and listing/bidding, will be available soon.
  3. Every Crystal holder with more than 0.1 Crystal tokens in their wallet by 2 AM UTC on February 8th will receive an airdrop of 3,000 $SCR points, which will be converted to $SCR tokens upon the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  4. Every whitelisted subscriber of Crystal will receive an airdrop of 1000 $SCR points as a token of appreciation for their early support. You can view the airdropped points on the leaderboard.
  5. If there are ERC404 tokens you would like Scattering to support next, please let us know in the Scattering Discord.

The ERC404 Market

We have now introduced a separate section of ERC404 on the marketplace to ensure easy recognition by users in comparison to ERC721 NFTs.

On Scattering’s pre-mainnet, users can experience the following features within the ERC404 market:

1. Trade ERC404 tokens.

Scattering has integrated the Uniswap V3 interface on Arbitrum to facilitate trading of both ERC20 tokens and ERC404 tokens. Additionally, Scattering has integrated Trading View’s trading chat to enhance user friendliness for traders.

2. Add Liquidity for ERC404 Tokens.

To simplify the process of adding liquidity for the ERC404 pool, Scattering has designed a streamlined interface based on the Uniswap V3 protocol.

On Scattering, users can choose from the following modes and pair two tokens to add liquidity:

  • Lazy Mode: Choose the full range. This means your positions will never be out of range.
  • Moderate Mode: Select a 20% or 50% price range. In this mode, your positions are less likely to go out of range.
  • Aggressive Mode: Opt for a 5% price range. While your positions are more likely to go out of range in this mode, it offers the highest capital efficiency and potential for the highest APR trading fees.

If you want to provide single-sided liquidity with a more specific and customizable price range, you can add liquidity directly through the Uniswap interface on Arbitrum.

3. NFT Market

Now the NFT market features for ERC404 are not fully enabled yet. Right now the Crystal holders could just view their Crystal NFTs in the wallet.

There are features we want to bring online ASAP are as follows:

  • Instant sell of the NFTs for ETH with one click
  • Support listing/bidding for an NFT
  • Display all the ERC404 NFTs
  • Aggregate the lists from other marketplaces including OpenSea.

What’s Next

In February, the Scattering team will go all-in on the ERC404 market to bring more ERC404 tokens home, aiming to establish it as the first market for trading ERC404 tokens and NFTs.

Our listing targets will encompass ERC404 tokens on both Arbitrum and Ethereum, including Pandora, by bridging them over to Arbitrum to leverage its high scalability and low costs.

In addition to listings, the team will explore the NFT features of ERC404 to introduce more functionalities to the NFT trading market.

At the same time, the team will collaborate with various projects, including games on Arbitrum, to discover more intriguing user scenarios for ERC404, such as game assets and tickets.

This is just the beginning.


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