Scattering Will Work with Color Protocol to Bring the $70B Memecoins into the Hybrid NFTs Market

2 min readApr 19, 2024


Announcing the Partnership

Hi Scatters, we are thrilled to announce that Scattering will collaborate with Color Protocol to bring the $70B memecoins into the Hybrid NFTs market.

Color Protocol is the first protocol that makes Memecoins colorful by converting existing Memecoins from ERC-20 into ERC-404 assets.

Scattering, as the one-stop marketplace for hybrid NFTs, embraces the vision to become the home for any kind of hybrid NFTs. This is a great opportunity for Scattering and Color Protocol to work together to push forward the exciting idea of hybridizing Memecoins with ERC-404 innovation.

Through this partnership, the synergies between Color Protocol and Scattering:

  1. Color Protocol will build the platform for converting existing Memecoins into ERC-404 collections, and create a new paradigm for Meme-based art asset issuance.
  2. Scattering will work with Color Protocol to build the native marketplace for the new hybrid assets created by Color Protocol, including features such as lower trading fees than Uniswap, trading and collecting in the same portal, multi-chain support, re-rolling for rare items, and locking the rare NFTs for safety.

ERC-404 innovations are just the beginning, and the Scattering team is excited to work with Color Protocol to expand ERC-404 innovation by introducing it into the Memecoin space, which will be one of the biggest drivers for both hybrid NFTs and Memecoins.

About Color Protocol

Color Protocol is a new paradigm for Meme artwork issuance, empowering Meme communities, artists and users worldwide with greater consensus and value. Color Protocol is dedicated to leverage the ERC-404 protocol innovation to make Memecoins more colorful, more playable, and even greater.