Scattering Will Work with Heurist to Build The First AI Powered Crafting Platform for 404 Collection Creators

2 min readApr 12, 2024


Announcing the Partnership

Hi Scatters, we are thrilled to announce that Scattering will collaborate with Heurist to build the first AI-powered crafting platform for 404 collection creators.

Heurist is a Layer2 network for AI model hosting and inference, bridging GPU miners with the open-source AI community.

Scattering, as the one-stop marketplace for 404 collections, embraces the vision to propel innovations in the 404 space. To achieve this goal, Scattering will integrate Heurist’s cutting-edge AI models to develop a creator factory for 404 creators, aimed at lowering the barriers to creation. This initiative consists of the following two components:

  1. Generative NFT tool: This tool will utilize Heurist’s AI platform to enable users with zero graphic design knowledge to craft traits and metadata for their 404 collections.
  2. 404 collection creation and deployment: Users will be able to easily choose token standards, including ERC404, DN404, ERC741, etc., and deploy contracts without any coding knowledge.

The Scattering team will work closely with the Heurist team to design and develop the creator factory. We plan to release the first demo in Q3 2024.

The era of 404 innovation is just beginning, and AI-powered crypto is also in its infancy. Scattering aims to expand the adoption of 404 by minimizing the barriers to collection creation and deployment.

About Heurist

Heurist is a layer 2 network for AI model hosting and inference. Heurist aggregates compute resources from individual GPU owners and provides unified, serverless APIs to access open source AI models.

Currently, more than a dozen curated Stable Diffusion models are supported by Heurist and will empower the AI image generation feature of Scattering.