Scattering Will Work with NPC to Build on the ERC11 Innovation

2 min readJun 11, 2024


Announcing the Collaboration

Hi Scatters, we are thrilled to announce that Scattering will collaborate with Non Playable Coin (NPC) to build on the ERC11 innovations.

$NPC was the first to introduce the memecoin-NFT hybrid concept back in July 2023. Now NPC is codifying this idea into an audited and open-source token standard called ERC11. ERC11 lets everyone trade NFTs like memecoins, offering endless possibilities, which could become the next generation of memecoins.

Scattering, as the one-stop marketplace for hybrid NFTs, embraces the vision of becoming the home for all kinds of hybrid NFTs. This is a great opportunity for Scattering and NPC to work together to advance the exciting idea of hybridizing memecoins and NFTs.

Through this collaboration, the synergies between NPC and Scattering will include:

  • Scattering will work with NPC to build the native marketplace for ERC11 assets, featuring lower trading fees than Uniswap, trading and collecting in the same portal, multi-chain support, re-rolling for rare items, and locking rare NFTs for safety.
  • Scattering will collaborate with NPC to educate the community and promote ERC11 technology to increase adoption, making it one of the most widely adopted hybrid token standards.

Hybrid innovations are just the beginning, and the Scattering team is excited to work with NPC to expand ERC11 innovation, which will be one of the biggest drivers for both hybrid NFTs and memecoins.

About NPC

Non-Playable Coin (NPC) is a memecoin actually backed by one of the most recognizable memes on the internet. Trade it as an NFT or as a memecoin, it doesn’t matter. It’s the first memecoin-NFT hybrid — or, as we like to call it, the first “meme-fungible token” (MFT).



About ERC11: